Website Makeover: 5 Goals You Can Smash



   Remember the 90’s? So much is different these days, including websites. By the 2000s, pretty much every organization had a basic brochure site. eCommerce really hadn’t taken off then. Today, websites are supremely important for any business. An good website won’t simply share your brand, but help you sell your products and services. Be that as it may, a really great website redesign should keep in mind your business objectives. Today we’re going to discuss 5 business goals, and how a website redesign can help. Here they are:

  • Expand brand awareness and reputation.
  • Be perceived as an industry leader.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Get to know your customers.
  • Improve the customer journey.

Expand brand awareness and reputation.

   A great website can raise your brand online to new heights. But a bad website can do more damage to your reputation than you’d care to imagine. If your website looks out of date, doesn’t work on tablets or phones, or is hard to navigate, customers won’t hesitate to leave and find a competitor. All things considered, would you trust a company that can’t even get a website right?

A bad website equals a bad reputation these days.

   It can make your company seem amateurish and unprofessional. If your car broke down who are you going to call: the mechanic with the modern, responsive website, or the one who’s website looks like it just woke up from a 20 year nap? Easy choice, right?

   According to Google 61% of people will leave a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, with 40% visiting a competitor instead. Basically, if your website is uglier or slower than your rivals, then you’re losing business. Google also likes to reward slow loading sites with lower page rankings.

A good website accomplishes more than looking good.

   It can likewise expand brand awareness. It can do that two different ways: by teaching users about your products or services, and by engaging more traffic. Any decent website should answer 3 questions above the fold: Who are you? What do you do/sell? and How do I contact you? Simple, right? But so many businesses blow it.

   But you can’t build your website around the customer only. You need to think about how search engines see you as well. On-page SEO ensures your traffic will stay moving. Being mobile-friendly, having clean code, good internal links and lots of relevant content are all ways to help raise your Google page ranking.

Be a leader.

   Another approach for higher rankings is to make thoughtful, instructive and intriguing content like articles or white papers. Not just for backlinks, these articles and papers can likewise build up your reputation as a thought leader.

   Your blog gives voice to your organization and speaks to buyers, organizations, and competitors alike. Your blog can likewise add to an effective overall digital marketing strategy. With a blog set up, you give your organization a stage to make and distribute the sort of content that gets acknowledgment from the industry, yet that pulls in and connects with shoppers, as well.

   It doesn’t simply need to be blog entries, either. You can feature white papers, slideshows, infographics, podcasts or even video. With these content assets working for you 24/7 you can control your own story and place yourself in top spot of your industry.

Increase conversions.

   Everyone needs to increase conversions. You may not realize it, but your website is just another tool to increase sales, even if you have no eCommerce store. Regardless of whether clients purchase your goods or services from the site itself, it’s one of your most effective tools in the customers journey.

   A well-planned site should be teaching your existing customers about you. Educating potential clients about your goods or services, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

   You can help guide them down your sales funnel by having a FAQs section that answers all the basic questions. You want them to find answers without having to make a call or talk to a pushy sales rep. Furthermore, when you’ve set it up, it’s free forever. Your site can sometimes be a better salesman than your staff. Maybe this is why ecommerce is growing?

   Online deals will represent about 17% of all out US retail sales by 2022. In 2018, web based sales were 14.3% of total retail sales.

Understand your potential customers.

A/B testing.

   A well-planned site ought to be set up to deal with split or A/B testing. This is a type testing to find the best converting option from two choices. Various tests can incorporate changing the button colors, call to action wording or changing a picture. The thought is to consistently improve conversion rates with the goal that your site shows signs of improvement and is better at changing over leads into clients. Regardless of the advantages of A/B testing, not every company is doing it. Only 17% of Fortune 500 companies use this strategy.

Sell over and over and once more.

   By updating your site, you can likewise build the lifetime value of clients, as well. A site is an incredible method to catch client information for future showcasing launches. A user doesn’t even need to make a purchase for you to obtain their information, either.

   A client can give you their contact data just by signing up to a bulletin or downloading a guide. Also, when you have their details, you can keep upselling over and over. Each time another product or service gets introduced you can refresh your site and afterward convey an email to all clients guiding them back to that page. That way, the client journey starts from the very beginning once more. Because of your website, clients aren’t simply clients once, they are clients for life.

Using analytics.

   Knowing who your clients are ought to be a key business objective for each organization. A well-structured site could enable you to see precisely what your clients think and how they behave. One way businesses can comprehend clients better through their site is using tools like Google Analytics. Let’s get straight to the point, you don’t need to update your site to include analytics. Google Analytics can be added to any site, at any time. Be that as it may, it will be of limited use if your site just has five pages. With so few pages it is difficult to comprehend why clients are leaving or which pages they like.

   When you upgrade your site, nonetheless, you can assemble it so that analytics become really helpful. The more pages the better, but at the same time it’s critical to place various services onto different pages. That way you can see which item or page people like.

Include a remarks section to hear your customers voices

   You can likewise plan your site to incorporate a remarks area on blog pages so clients have an easy way to straightforwardly communicate with you. You can even incorporate a chat widget so clients can connect in a flash without sending an email. Understanding the sorts of inquiries clients pose can show you where your site is under performing.

Improve the customer journey.

   Creating a great user experience is significant. It not only helps you improve your brand image, it additionally urges clients to remain brand faithful and, potentially, to buy more. It’s so significant, it will before long become the #1 factor for clients in their buying process. Soon, the user experience will be what sets you apart in customers minds, not your price or product.

   With a redesign project, you can work in new ways of engaging with clients and improving their experience. Members only areas, tips and tricks about your products or training videos and the like are all good ideas. Whatever you use, it needs to offer the client added value beyond their purchase.

   In any case, you don’t need to go to these lengths, simply improving the way your site looks and works can be viewed as improving the client experience. This is especially valid in the event that you offer a SaaS item or another service that require clients to return to your site. The better the experience they have using your site, the more probable they are to continue using or buying.

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