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GRASP (Greater Randolph Area Services Program) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization providing support for Senior Citizens in the northeast San Antonio, TX suburbs.

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GRASP | Client Website Design By Bob Popular

The previous GRASP website hadn’t been refreshed in years. The design was basic, inconsistent, and somewhat confusing. GRASP offers many services and programs, and the old website architecture was not user-friendly, leaving people confused as to what to do. Also, the application process required clients to print out applications at home and hand-deliver them to the Center. 

GRASP | Client Graphic Design By Bob Popular

Our redesign offers a modern UI/UX experience that is completely restructured so that clients can quickly find the information they need. This saves GRASP staff several hours each week, as the number of client phone calls has been reduced as a result of the easy-to-use layout. Another great step for GRASP is the new ability to allow applications to be filled out online, including adding legal e-signature capture. This saves GRASP staff many hours in data entry, as the old forms had to be manually entered into the database. 

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