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Gifts Of The Andes is an e-commerce website using the monthly subscription box model.

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Gifts Of The Andes | Personal Project Website Design By Bob Popular

Gifts Of The Andes is a personal project of mine. I wanted to do something to support Indigenous communities in Ecuador, but I didn’t want the project to be about charity. I discussed the idea with Bernardo and he joined me in crafting this Three Phase plan. We really wanted to focus on something that helps the people that are trying to help themselves. Gifts Of The Andes is beginning life in Phase One as an e-commerce shop selling monthly subscription boxes filled with items produced by Indigenous-owned, or majority Indigenous employed, companies. We pay full retail prices direct to the producers, ensuring they can support their families, employees, and communities.

Gifts Of The Andes | Personal Project Logo Design By Bob Popular

Phase Two of Gifts Of The Andes is to help our producers become stand-alone e-commerce stores with worldwide shipping capabilities. This new business model will create more new jobs and new business and investment opportunities in communities that are historically underserved. Phase Three of the project will be a sister Foundation to the company, focused on training the next generation in Ecuador’s Indigenous communities. We want to offer coding classes and other training options with a keen eye on tech and creative skills-based jobs with remote work capabilities. This will open up a whole new world of earning possibilities for the next generation. 

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