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Coffee Gear is a premium supplier of high-end coffee gear for the home, office, and travel.

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Coffee Gear | Personal Project Website Design By Bob Popular

Coffee Gear is a personal project I’m working on. The idea is to create a complete e-commerce business using the dropshipping method, and then sell it as a turnkey starter business. The goal with Coffee Gear is to have the whole store built up, all the products sourced and uploaded, descriptions written and SEO optimized, and written instructions for everything put together in a nice format. It’s possible that I will add instructional videos to the package, to enhance the value before selling the business. 

Coffee Gear | Personal Project Logo Design By Bob Popular

I’m building this on a live domain, so you can check on the progress occasionally and see how it’s coming along. If you’re interested in purchasing this turnkey store when it’s completed you can head to the contact page and send me a message from there. 

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