our Full list of features explained

Common features included FREE on all 3 service levels.

Hosting Account

This is where your website files live. We provide secure hosting with over 99% uptime.

Domain Name

It's like a road sign pointing to your hosting account servers. Your very own custom domain name, like mycompany.com We provide you a list of options to choose from. Any extra domains you may need start from $15 per year each.

SSL Certification

The padlock in the browser search bar. It lets your customers know they're on a secure website. Providing peace of mind to them, and displaying your trustworthiness.

Mobile Friendly

Each page of your website will be built from the ground up with responsiveness in mind. You'll look great on phones and tablets as well as desktop or laptop units.

Social Media

All of your business's social media links will appear on every page making it easy for customers to interact with you on other platforms.

On Page SEO

To get your website found we will include proper keywords and set up meta data for each page. Also we preformat the social sharing.

Written Content

We write the content for your 4 main pages using the information you gave us, and our research on your specific business niche. Of course, you're more than welcome to send your own.

stock photos

Your site will look amazing with our selection of royalty free stock photos. You have the option of sending us some of your own pictures as well.

Free ebook

"I have a website, now what?
A "how to" guide to boost traffic and get your website noticed."
written by Jason

Features exclusive to the upgraded service levels.

Content Changes

We make unlimited content changes for you. Just text Jason with your request and we handle everything for you.

Ad free

We remove the footer link to Bob Popular. There will be no mention of us anywhere on your site.

Online store*

Using WooCommerce and PayPal we set up an online store to sell your products. Up to 25 items, with up to 4 variations each.

*Exclusive to EXTRA BOB.